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Do you want to see Real Results? Be Consistent.

by Pallavi D. Patel
(Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen)

Every human on this planet dreams. Each one of us has goals. We all have our shares of ambitious. We all want something from life, in one form or the other.

But what do we essentially want? What’s our chief motivation?

The answer is different for different people and different stages of their lives.

What seems important now, may not hold any value in the future. And the things that motivated us in the past aren’t our present guiding forces.

All of us are constantly evolving. Our ideas evolve with us.

But right now, if you ask me what motivates me most, I will give you a one-word answer.


The place I am right now in my life emotionally, physically and mentally is wonderful.

It has brought new strengths to me. It has set me up for a satisfying course for life.

But do I want to stay in this place forever?

Of course not! I want to evolve, just like everything around us is evolving.

Now, what makes things change?

It’s thoughts which are acted upon. But are actions enough to bring about a change?

I don’t think so. If we want things to change, if we want to make a difference in our lives, if we want to see results, we must be consistent in want we do.

Eating healthy for a day isn’t enough, you have to give it time to see results.

Writing once a week isn’t adequate, you have to put in more hours to see your words shine.

Saving for a month isn’t sufficient, you need to give it at least a year to see your bank account grow.

But how much time do you think is enough to make something come naturally to us?

How much time is enough to see motivating results?

I often read in various books, blogs, and posters that it takes us 21 days to form a habit or to see some substantial difference in our lives.

I believed it to be true, I read this well-researched post How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science) where it’s stated that we can take anywhere from 18 days to 254 days to form a habit or see some significant progress in our lives.

This proves that the 3-week miracle doesn’t work for us all, and we might need to be put in even more efforts to mark down some solid progress.

Which again brings us back to consistency.

Now by consistency, I don’t mean we have to repeat an action daily ( I state here FEELING STUCK? TAKE CHARGE & DRIVE YOUR WAY TO A REWARDING LIFE how I think such a life is boring)

I mean doing things on a steady basis, even though in the beginning, we won’t see any surprising results. It’s being persistent in our efforts.

It has little to do with talent. You could be a genius, but if you don’t put regular efforts in refining your skills or making progress, you will go nowhere.

And we all want to go somewhere, don’t we?

I have struggled with consistency in the past, and I do collide with it in the present, but I see results and it motivates me to keep going.

If you want to explore more about the benefits of consistent efforts, read the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It’s sure to help you.

On the same note, I don’t think a couple of mistakes or lazy days ruin our life.

Missing one class or two won’t make your grades drop drastically.

Having a couple of fights won’t make your marriage eligible for divorce.

A few splurges won’t make you broke.

Just as it takes constant efforts to make progress, I think it takes constant procrastination and neglect that make things take a nasty turn.

What do you think about it?

Please tell me your views about consistent efforts? Do you think consistent efforts are more important than in-born skills? Is there any chance you can make in your life by making regular steps towards it?
Do share! I am a big believer of the mantra: Baby Steps Make Big Difference.

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Francis August 29, 2019 - 7:13 pm

Di… these are great points. I’d love the post. I always have the problem where I procrastinate neglect to get things done. But a break or two wont make a difference to the Goal I want to achieve. We all need to put consistent efforts, but what do you mean when you say “Do you think consistent efforts are more important than in-born skills?”.

Shree September 22, 2019 - 6:34 am

I agree with you about consistent efforts. We have to work on things regularly to get good results.
But I agree even more with what you say in your conclusion. A few off days don’t hurt anybody. As long as we maintain balance a few lazy days or a movie or two don’t hurt.
You are very relatable. I like it about your posts. Keep going Pallavi.


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