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Is your Daily Life Exhausting? Plans Can Help.

by Pallavi D. Patel

(Photo by Arnel Hasanovic)

Are you greeted by undone chores when you get up in the morning?

Do tasks jump out from nowhere and demand that you do them immediately when you come home from work?

Is your phone full of missed calls and unanswered messages?

Is your sleep disrupted because all you can think about is the unlimited responsibilities that you have to fulfill?

Is your daily life exhausting? Me too, Sister. Me too.

Life seems like an endless cycle of doing things.

And in spite of my best efforts, there’s always a pack of tasks haunting me, day in day out.

So I picked a few simple steps to get things done in a way which brings me peace.

Have a look. You might get a few ideas to sort your tasks too.

I Create a Weekly List

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I begin with making a weekly list because daily lists don’t work for me.

A lot of things go wrong when I make daily plans. I wake up late. I miss the bus. The person I was supposed to work with doesn’t turn up. A character dies in the last episode and I have to begin a new season.

You get the drift, don’t you? In short, daily lists are a disaster for me.

Monthly lists are popular. But I can never follow through monthly plans.

If I make monthly lists, some greek god or goddess gets bored and makes my life hell just for the sake of entertainment.

But weekly lists are just right. There’s no long-term commitment involved. I don’t get bored with the plans.

And I get to enjoy the satisfaction of ticking my to-do-list quickly, yet at an easy pace.

What do you think about it? Which is your favorite list? Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

I make room for fluctuations

(Photo by Ed 259)

Our daily lives are stringed together with a lot of things. Gadgets, people, weather and countless different elements.

But do you know what’s common about them? All of them are unpredictable.

So I ready my heart for all kinds of unexpected turns so that it saves me from disappointment when things don’t go as planned.

It does not always help. Sometimes I get angry and yell like a mad hyena.

But deep down, trust me, I am all into inner peace.

What’s your trick to deal with fluctuations? I could use some.

I take actions and get it done. (Mostly)

(Photo by Le Creuset)

I have no personal opinion about this step. I follow what humans have done since somewhere between five million years to 7 million years ago

If I am hungry, I go out and hunt. I mean I do the verbs. Cook. Clean. Wash. Write. Read.

And sadly, this is the most difficult and the most important part: Actually doing things.

If you have any secret to make this easier, I beg you do drop a line.

God knows I could step forward from the stone age way.

I mark it down

(Photo by Isaac Smith)

The whole point of making lists is having the satisfaction of marking it done.

When I make a list and I cross it down, I feel the kind of euphoria which comes from years of practicing meditations.

Finished tasks energize me. So I have bullet journals to mark down my process.

And when I look at the things I got done at the end of the month, there’s no one as smug as me.

What’s your take on this? To mark or not to mark?

I reward myself.

(Photo by Anthony Tran)

Getting things done is thrilling, I get all the adrenaline rush and I feel like I could have cleaned Grimmauld place alone.

But the most important emotion I desire in my life is peaceful joy. So at the end of the week, I reward myself with time when I have to do nothing.

The phone does not need to be answered. I don’t have to reply to any messages. I can let the dishes and clothes be.

I give myself the permission to enjoy that time, lie down and do absolutely nothing.

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

And to be frank, this time is the reason I manage to get most things done on my weekly list. It’s my motivating carrot.

What’s your idea about rewards?

Well, this a personal account of my struggle and coping strategies of getting things done. I am sure you all have your own. Do share them with me. I am always on a lookout for interesting inspiration.

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Aejal Patel August 20, 2019 - 6:41 am

Oh what a delight it is to read this post early in the morning!
Weekly goals is something I heard of on Optimal Living and I really like the idea. It is neither small nor too big. It seems achievable and when I look back at 4 weeks, my month looks productive on its own.
And Doing nothing on weekend suits well for me. Lets the dishes be and food be ordered from outside. As we taking a break from life.
It is good to see such helpful posts regularly. Keep posting, looking forward to more.

Pallavi D. Patel August 20, 2019 - 9:48 am


Shree August 20, 2019 - 10:12 am

Weekly lists seem like a nice concept. ( Explains your weekly posts!😉)

Pallavi D. Patel August 21, 2019 - 7:17 am


Francis Gradient August 21, 2019 - 3:53 pm

My days are filled with daily plans, there are those which I have to follow but some I forget and some I pass down to the next day. Overall most of my plans and goals are fulfilled by the weekend, hence weekly plans are best suited for me.

Yes! I too don’t like fluctuations, we plan something and it always turns out to be a wreak. For me its best if I proceed unplanned.

Getting things done! I always have tons of projects and I love to complete them I love to work upon something which catches my interest but, if its something not acceptable by my heart, I hate doing it. In-fact they never finish well and my mind starts a brawl with my thoughts.

I mark my tasks when they are finished. Some stay unmarked due to obstacles unknown. But the feeling of completing a task is AWESOME… He he…!

Doing something I love is the most awesome thing I reward myself.

Pallavi D. Patel August 26, 2019 - 11:05 pm

I agree. Rewards make completing tasks easier.🙂


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