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My Happy Place of Flowers!

by Aejal D. Patel

Have you ever tried growing a little plant in your garden?

Have you experienced the initial days of waiting to see a spur of growth, as if awaiting for a yes or no from someone special?

How amazing it is to witness a little green shoot ensure life inside a plant!

Then comes the days of watering and nourishing it, protecting it from all big and small animals,ensuring that it gets enough sunlight, being careful not to water it too much and without realizing the little seeding becomes precious to you, like a child,making it your everyday companion.

Time passes and you see a little bud in formation. The journey from bud to flower demands patience. But, it is so worth the wait!

The first flower looks like all your hard work has been paid off. Oh, it is such a joy. You want to sit there and keeping looking at that little bundle of bliss.

Alas, there cannot be a happy ending all the time! This is where my phone comes in the picture. I see a beautiful moment and I capture the joy so that I can go and visit my happy place anytime I want.

I have a thing for flowers. I am enchanted by their mere sight. I just cannot resist admiring the miracle of nature. I like to spot those little things. Colorful and beautiful.

Not only flowers, I am quite inclined to flora everywhere, a weed growing on the side of a road, the little saplings in the crack of a wall, the little plants on the road divider, the climbers on the gate.

And every time I see flowers, it is almost impossible not to click a picture as if it is a trance.

Flowers have religious significance too, Dhatura is Lord Shiva’s flowers and Hibiscus is adored by Lord Ganesha.We also have a national flower.

Flowers have different names and different meanings too. I was amazed to learn about the Victorian language of flowers. Based on meanings, we can just give flowers and get a message delivered without knowing.

As I dug in deeper into the internet, I was dazzled to find out that Fibonacci sequence can be observed in flowers too.

Here are some beautiful pictures of flowers I have collected over time.

Some of them are from the plant show held at Vanita Vishram ground in Surat last January. I spent hours in that place and I still couldn’t get enough. The plant show has a huge display of creative flower sculptures using both real and artificial flowers.

1) As I hurry to my college, I spotted this beautiful pink cluster looking like a baby just born.

2) Blooming in absolute glory!


“Flowers were subject to the laws of mathematics, a fact few people knew. You could see the repeating patterns if you looked hard enough.”

Her heart’s desire by Megan Shepard

4) When I think of roses, I think of symmetrical perfection and yet here I was with a blooming beauty in asymmetry.


“Behold her..single in the field”

William Wordsworth

Solitary things have a appeal of their own, they force you to notice them just by their mere existence.

6) Oh, such dazzling colors!


“When life is not coming up roses Look to the weeds, And find the beauty hidden within them.”

L.F. Young

8) I Spotted this in a garden near my place, and immediately my mind said- ‘calyx, corolla, sepals 5 etc making me nostalgic for my biology class.


“This is what I love about flowers. They just grow: in between weeds, through a crack in a stone, in the middle of mud or moss- they just fearlessly, so confident of their short- lived beauty.”

Asma Naqi

10) These perfectly lined petals makes me want pick a pencil and start drawing.

12) Pretty Perfect Little Periwinkle


“Flower are the music to the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound”

Edwin Curran


“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Lady Bird Johnson

15) Elegant Euphorbia.

16) I didn’t really like cactus until I saw this.

And here are some more flowers to add little flowery zest to your day!

Let us all be a bit more aware of the beauty all around us.

Tell me if you liked this post.

What is you happy place in your phone?

What kind of moments have you captured on your phone?

Let me know in the comment section. I am waiting to hear your story.


Nicole Freeman September 14, 2019 - 7:43 pm

Hello Aejal! You’ve got some beautiful collection of these pretty flowers. When I talk about my happy place…. I always picture a sun setting in a valley filled with beautiful flowers and a swing nearby with children playing around and beside me is the most important person I love. That’s exactly what I picture as my happy place.

I always tend to capture events, moments which I find that I should never forget or I want to show something to someone.
I also love to click beautiful pics of magical scenarios formed by our mother nature. Lots of memories to store but often we don’t have our phones when we actually want to capture something beautiful. I miss those moments.

Shree September 22, 2019 - 6:19 am

Hey Aejal! Your pictures are beautiful!
I have seen all these flowers in real but I think I didn’t pay them attention. You capture well.
My phone gallery is full of memes and notes.😂
And memes make me happy so I think memes are my happy place.
I would like see to more posts from you.

Aejal D. Patel September 23, 2019 - 8:55 am

Thank you Shree.
I don’t post often because I am juggling between lectures, assignments and Exams. I will try to post more often though. There is no match for memes!😂

Aejal D. Patel September 23, 2019 - 8:51 am

Thank You Nicole!
Your happy place is very colourful.
I agree we cannot always capture beautiful moments, but I cherish all that I can. And some moments are best stored in your heart’s memory only.😊

Aradhana October 19, 2019 - 7:47 am

Good Morning Aejal, I am a big fan of flowers. There is a saying in Kerala “Daivam aradhikkunna eraavum maneharamaya sam manannalan pukkal.” which means, “Flowers are the most beautiful gifts which Gods adore.”

I believe that the people who have affection towards these beautiful flowers are loved by the Gods.

I loved your post, and I also share your habit to click pictures of flowers in my phone.


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